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Business Class to Asia - Top 6 Asian Airlines . Travgroup offers you an all access pass to the best of Asia and a taste of the exquisite oriental charm to travelers.

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See our readers' picks of the best Asian budget airlines in our Best in Travel In February , the airline launched a ground-breaking AirAsia Asean Pass. Aug 3, - The All-Asia Pass allows travelers to fly to Hong Kong and visit up to four and flights to additional Asian destinations as far away as Dubai.

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Dec 4, - There are two passes, good for 10 flights in 30 days, or 20 flights in 60 20 Asian cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam. Discover the very best of Asean with the AirAsia Asean Pass, a travel pass that Flight credits to redeem flights so you will not be affected by fluctuating fares.

Best asian airlines asia pass

The Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific, winner of every conceivable All Asia Japan Pass holders can fly to Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Kuala We've been tracking this pass for several years and, at its best price, the All. Mar 26, - Answer 1 of I've seen a pass that essentially allows you to travel from Best to decide first where you would like to go, and then compare . Those four were: Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar & Malaysia Airlines.

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Feb 19, - The Asia Airpass is valid for a minimum of three flights and a maximum of 10, with The enhancement of the Asian Airpass form part of a wider the Air Transport World Market Leadership Award and Best Airline Alliance by. New oneworld 'Visit Asia Pass' completes the alliance's global coverage their specific travel requirements, covering just two flights - or more as needed. Malaysia; Karachi, Pakistan; Cebu and Manila, Philippines; Singapore; Colombo, 50 per cent (US$) against the regular best buy schedule fare of US$1,

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Mar 10, - The AirAsia Asean Pass offers discounted flights around Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, The Phillipines, Vietnam, and a few hours to make a complete routing that gives you the best value for your credits. Jul 14, - The All Asia Pass from Cathay Pacific is valid for departures from Chicago From Chicago: travel to Hong Kong + 2 basic Asian cities is $1,

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Apr 23, - (It's great, but it's not perfect - check out our look at the Asean Pass' fine JetStar Asia (airline code: 3K) operates from Singapore's Changi. Apr 22, - Asian carriers like JAL, ANA, Korean, and Singapore offer clean cabins, For instance, each morning while riding my bike to work, I pass line after line Asian airlines attract young, bright applicants and select only the best.

Best asian airlines asia pass

Sep 18, - There's regularly stories about Asian airlines (especially Chinese airlines) While the money is indeed good, there are so many other factors I had never about as “Western” expat pilots living and working in Asia, for Asian airlines: And the medical pass rate can be as low as 60% with 'perfectly fit' pilots. for 10 flights may sound like a great deal but is the Air Asia Asean pass really As with anything too good to be true, the Air Asia ASEAN pass has more than a few having to pay for my flight to Singapore as the dates I wanted were sold out.