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Sometimes women don't know what to look for or anticipate if they haven't experienced an orgasm. Here, 28 women describe what an orgasm.

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People who've never experienced an orgasm are obviously curious about them. But you might not know how to describe an orgasm accurately. Here's how. Mar 11, - We asked all sorts of women to describe to men what it feels like to climax as a lady.

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Oct 12, - We asked a bunch of women to describe what exactly an orgasm feels like for them. Here are their answers – some names have been changed. Oct 2, - It feels like an intense ticklish heat starting deep in my abdomen, and spreading quickly outward through my whole body overcoming my.

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Sep 1, - What works best for you in order to reach climax? Edging Consistency Orbiting Rhythm Surprise Multiples Accenting - special attention to a. Dec 21, - In case you missed this particular sex ed lesson, an orgasm is what happens when a person reaches the height of sexual excitement.

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Alas, of course, there are women on the Internet who have tried and they have taken to THIS Reddit thread to share their experience of orgasm. Here are the top. Nov 23, - The female orgasm is an elusive thing, and it's often quite difficult to explain. Here's 13 women on what it feels like for them.

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Most women would say it's an intense feeling that they feel all over their body. I believe a woman's body does get weak but the intense feeling is strictly felt in the. Jul 2, - Most of us with a vagina can remember a time when we wondered if we'd ever had an orgasm. Was it that feeling in the bathtub? Or when I.

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Jun 12, - One of the best ways to describe an orgasm is just "pleasure" itself, Marin says. "Do you feel better than you were feeling previously?" she says. Oct 18, - 18 People Describe Their First Orgasm — & Wow Many learn to orgasm through masturbation, and some go their whole sex life without.

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Mar 4, - What does a male orgasm feel like? We asked Asking men to explain the male orgasm was akin to having them describe the color orange. The male orgasm is difficult to explain, but somehow these men try to describe what it really feels like. Here's what male orgasm is like.

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Sep 16, - Find out why it's important to learn about pleasure and then read how 17 young women describe what an orgasm feels like. Mar 18, - 5 Fearless Women Attempt To Describe What An Orgasm Actually Feels Like Trying to explain what an orgasm feels like is tricky. While we.

Describing an orgasm

Imagine an urgency centered in your clit, like an itch needing to be scratched but pleasurable. Now an energy begins to build up in your body, an energy that is. Apr 30, - Women Explain What The Female Orgasm Feels Like I won't describe them but I've found that one allows for more than one orgasm, the.

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May 26, - Below, famous women, from sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer to Eva Longoria describe their own orgasms — whether they fake them. person describing an orgasm. Furthermore, none of the three professional groups represented in the sample o f judges did better than any of the other groups.

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What gets you off? From unexpected encounters, first-time fetishes, and surprising situations, these ten men reveal their most memorable orgasms. How do you. Nov 20, - You have to describe characters having orgasms. Then as you write more stories, and inevitably more sex scenes, you have to find more ways.