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May 31, - It's not ugly or unattractive, it's just not sexual at all. I have never thought of pregnant women as attractive for being pregnant, but when it is.

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Jan 21, - Why one in ten husbands cheats on his PREGNANT wife: We meet the to feeling unloved and undesirable as sex is put on the back burner. Mar 2, - While it's true that some men carry a particular penchant for pregnant women, others aren't quite so eager for sex while expecting.

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Many, though not all, pregnant women find their sex drive diminishes during the first trimester. You may be too exhausted and nauseated to think about sex, and. I wish my husband could read ur advice on how to support his pregnant wife, He is so selfish and doesnt help wit anytin. The only thing he wants right now is sex.

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Oct 5, - And then there are those who get extra personal and want to give you pregnancy sex tips. You've heard the old wives tales, you've heard some. Jun 13, - Type Y desires his pregnant wife more than ever. And then there's Type X -- a man who has a decreased sex drive and a lower risk of cheating.

Pregnant wives sex

Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) is experienced by 22—50% of pregnant women (prior to pregnancy: 12%). In the third trimester, a substantial proportion of. Sep 10, - Some people love pregnancy sex, some people hate it, and some men grossed out by pregnant women can't even imagine it.

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Oct 23, - Expectant fathers were less emotionally satisfied than their wives through the pregnancy. Relative to their husbands, women experienced more. In Roy's study of battered women, 20 percent of the women reported that a husband's sexual frustration during his wife's pregnancy, along with family.