Orgin of phrase boob tube

Orgin of phrase boob tube

"television set," U.S. slang, by , from boob "stupid person" + slang tube (n.) "television, television programming," because the sets really did have vacuum tubes in them once upon a time.

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A slang term for television. Top definition. boob tubeunknown. A slang term Boob tube watchers get a bad case of half-closed eyes and half-open mouths. Since it's mostly mindless drivel for stupid people and "boob" was slang for an idiot in the s, the pejorative "boob tube" stuck pretty quickly.

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Boob tube can mean: Boob tube, US slang for a television set; Boob tube, British term for a tube top · The Boob Tube, a parody of soap operas/TV. Meaning: "television set," U.S. slang, by , from boob "stupid person" + slang tube (n.) "television, television programming;" the See more definitions.

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Oct 29, - (The term “boob,” meaning simpleton, was referred to in other ways — think And a TV was commonly called the tube, as they used cathode What is the meaning of 'tube' in YouTube? Mar 19, - This usage derives from the definition of "boob" as a foolish person and "tube" from the television's cathode ray tube. It denotes someone that.

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Mar 15, - (Google the phrase, I'm sure you can find the speech). So, "Boob Tube", "Idiot Box", and other similar terms were slang for TV sets of that era. [Origin: –70; rhyming coinage, from the notion that television programming. Boob tube definition: The boob tube is the television. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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Dec 8, - "Boob" is an old-fashioned slang term for a foolish person (these days it's "boob tube" from Origin: –70; rhyming coinage. Apr 3, - It appears the term was used widely by advertisements for televisions . With regard to the origin of "boob tube" or "boob toob," which Barrie Why are “gym rats” so called? - English Language.

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May 5, - Bras contain breasts, not boobs. to answer on this breast quest is where the slang term "boob" came from. (On a side note, this settles why we refer to mind-numbing TVs as "boob tubes"). Initially, I assumed the etymology of boob would lead to the dunce insult, but instead it refers to little girls. Aug 15, - This particular definition is generally thought to have derived from the such as the “boob-tube” (idiot box), “booby trap” (trap for dummies).

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Feb 27, - Idiot box - the meaning and origin of this phrase. of 'the tube,' the box,' or 'the boob tube,' some becoming couch potatoes in the process. Boob Tube - for either gender, wear the biggest, tackiest fake breasts you can find and glue an empty toilet paper or paper towel tube in the cleavage.

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Etymology[edit]. From Middle French tube, from Latin tubus (“tube, pipe”). Also, derisively, boob tube. lager, where Paul Hogan used a phrase "crack an ice-cold tube" previously associated with Barry Humphries' character Barry McKenzie. Need synonyms for "boob tube"? Here's over 10 tonight I just want to unwind in front of the boob tube.” Noun . What is the meaning of the word boob tube?

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Trending: "Boob Tube" - The phrase was used this morning on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael. - Viewers took to the web to debate the origin of the term. -. television. see definition of television. nounvisual and audio entertainment transmitted via radio waves. Synonyms for television. noun visual and audio.