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Daniel resurfaces surprisingly, scantily unclothed. A genuinly funny scene. And also a little shippermoment at the end. Sam and Jack are fishing.

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Stargate SG1- Reckoning part 1 (I do not own Stargate) Have fun! Jack and Daniel were both relieved so see that they'd remembered to include several presents for the beagles, though neither could recall what gifts they'd put under the tree in Santa's name. Naturally, the entire zoo were given presents for the holiday, but the two dogs were always remembered by Santa as well.

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At times, Jack and Daniel made a special outing with their children and actually cut their own trees, but with so much going on this year, they elected to do the next best thing. It was a bit of a drive to the location, but the caravan of drivers ensured all the trees could be easily driven to the family homes. Daniel Jackson war ebenso wie seine Teammitglieder, wenn nicht noch mehr als diese, zur Legende im Stargate-Center geworden. Er hatte nicht nur das Geheimnis des Sternentores enträtselt, sondern sogar ein Jahr auf einer anderen Welt verbracht, bis ihm ein Goa'uld-Lord seine Frau entrissen hatte. An diesem Leid knabberte er bestimmt noch immer - und brauchte entsprechenden Trost.

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Als SG-1 wegen Ba'al in einer alternativen Zeitlinie landet, fällt es Jack sehr schwer, zu glauben, als Daniel sagt, er sei Jacks bester Freund. [46] SG1_03x18 SG1 3x18 O'Neill auf Abwegen: Jack war zum Schein zum NID-Ableger übergelaufen und hatte seine Freunde und besonders Daniel in diesem Zusammenhang arg verletzt. Stargate SG-1 (often abbreviated SG-1) is a Canadian-American military science fiction adventure television series and part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Stargate franchise.

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Stargate SG-1 re-introduced supporting characters from the film universe, such as Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill and Daniel Jackson and included new characters such as Teal'c, George Hammond and Samantha "Sam" Carter. Nachdem Teal'c in SG1 3x10 Sha'res Tod Sha're getötet hatte, wollte Dr. Jackson mit den Stargate Reisen erst aufhören, weil er behauptete, dass er nur für Sha're durch das Stargate gegangen wäre. Jedoch verzieh er Teal'c am Ende und nahm weiter an Stargate Missionen teil.

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Wenn sich SG1 - nach Jahren wieder in ursprünglicher Besatzung vereint - auf Mission begeben will, muss es nicht leicht sein, an dem Punkt weiter zu machen, wo sich ihre Wege einst verloren hatten. The continuing adventures of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis after Atlantis arrives back on Earth at the end of Stargate Atlantis: Enemy At the Gate.

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With Jack having the knowledge of the Ancient repository once again in his mind, he and Daniel attempt to unearth the location of the lost city of the Ancients. This is Daniel, having absolute power over Jack during sex, and little care for his lover's comfort. Still, even that dreamscape-love is not cruel, but rather possessive in nature, and Daniel's main motivation is to make Jack enjoy the experience, need it, and after going further than they ever have before, he ends up comforting Jack.

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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Jack discovers the existence of the television show The Sentinel and then of fanfic, and decides that what the world needs is Sentinel fanfic written by Jack O'Neill (with plenty of Mary Sue-ish insertions of himself and Daniel). Hilarity ensues.

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Col. Jack O'Neill is riding the elevator at Stargate Command when Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had, nearly a year earlier, ascended to a higher plane of existence, suddenly appears and asks for help. Fallen. Sam and Jack "Never.' A, it could never happen because he's her superior officer, and B, we don't want it to kill the show." "When we first started the series, there was talk of starting up something between Jack and Sam, or Sam and Daniel, and we all nixed that," Tapping says.

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Winner of Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best AU fix and best Character-Focussed (Jack) story and 3rd place in the International Little Daniel List Award co-written with Darcy Through the Quantum Mirror once again, SG1 struggles to help change a young boy's life. Explore Amanda McCain's board "Stargate SG1/Atlantis" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Stargate atlantis, Star Trek and Stargate sg 1.

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Carter on Abydos. Two years after the first Abydos Mission, however, Carter, being the foremost expert on the Stargate, was able to join Colonel Jack O'Neill, as his second-in-command, when returning to Abydos to discover if the Goa'uld attackers who arrived on Earth previously were from the planet. Daniel Jackson was the last of the original team still at Stargate Command, since Jack O'Neill was promoted to Major General and given the command of Homeworld Security in Washington D.C., but his time there was coming close to an end as he began packing his office for his move to Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy.

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Watch this Stargate SG-1 video, Jack O'Neill - Sex on Fire, on Fanpop and browse other Stargate SG-1 videos. Daniel asks rhetorically what kind of appearance that was and Jack replies he didn't know. He tells Skaara to come along, Daniel & Sam are confused and stay where they are. He tells Skaara to come along, Daniel & Sam are confused and stay where they are.